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The Lore

Origin: the Xplorers

In the Metaverse, deep within the Ethereum ecosystem, lies a world that stands out among the rest: Xpoverse, the domain of the greatest travelers of the Metaverse, known as Xplorers. These remarkable beings hold a special place in the Metaverse as they travel to collect data, mapping new territories, and protecting the Metaverse from harm with an unwavering sense of duty.

Legend has it, the remarkable origin story for the Xplorers, a tale so epic that it has become the stuff of myth and legend. It is said that the creation of Xpoverse and its most skilled travelers, the Xplorers, was no mere accident or coincidence. Instead, it was the result of a master plan crafted by one of the three all-powerful Meta Gods. As the story goes, the Meta God used their formidable knowledge and abilities to harness the immeasurable power of the Quantum Bang, pinpointing the exact focus point of this cosmic event. This point, known as the Core, became the source of the energy needed to bring Xpoverse and its inhabitants into existence. But it was not enough to simply create a new world; the Meta God had a specific vision in mind. They wanted to populate this world with avatars capable of exploring, mapping, and protecting the vast expanse of the Metaverse. And so, with the energy from the Core, they imbued a group of advanced Ai avatars with intelligence, consciousness, and purpose. These were the Xplorers, the ultimate travelers of the Metaverse.


These advanced box-type Ai avatars travel throughout the Metaverse to make sure everything is in order, while operating and creating new advancements in their world.


In truth, the Xplorers were just a peaceful group of technologically inclined avatars. Their greater duty was to always retain peace and order throughout the Metaverse. With a legendary technology called the “Quantum Core”, this energy source was used to advance their world where their innovations led them to detect frequencies and signals from worlds far beyond their own. The Xplorers used this to develop advanced mechanisms for inter-metaverse travel, known as “Meta-Tavel”. The Xplorers developed what they believed was the first working portal that would connect them to any Metaverses they have visited. A creation far beyond what many had ever imagined before. They connected these portals to small devices so that all Xplorers can travel. The “Metal Travel" was made by the advance energy source that is found in the Quantum Core. The Quantum Core is the sole reason for their advanced technology.


 There are 4 ranks that govern their ecosystem and Xplorers are ranked base on their performance and duties they accomplish. They rank from a non-rank, rank 1, rank 2 and with the highest rank being an S rank. Although there are four ranks, there are only 5 Xplorers that have a higher status of them all, known as The Council. Rumor has it that the creator itself chose them to keep order around the Metaverse. As Xplorers made progress towards peace, everything changed in a fraction of a second when one of their own betrayed them.


With these portals they can maintain peace but Sadly, this same enegry of invention would be the very thing to destroy their own world. The world Xpoverse was completely destroyed, but before the blast some were able to escape. Strangely enough, this working portal was also destroyed in the mysterious blast, and would go on to serve as the catalyst for establishing the Xplorers journeys. 


With nothing to look back on and worlds of opportunities ahead of them, The Xplorers conquest across Metaverses seeking new places to call home, and also seek the truth as to what happened to their own beloved world.

Their Mission:

Xplorers seek new and exciting exploration. They will unite across all parallel of the Metaverse to fight back this greater evil.

Their Values

Xplorers believe in inclusiveness and connectivity across metaverses. They advocate for new opportunities to discover, reimagine, and collaborate with others.

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