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The concept art design will be an original art design called 'box characters", inspired by printable boxes cut outs. Unique “box” style will be a newcomer in the NFT space. The total supply of "Xplorers" collection is 2500. 


We're constantly exploring new ways to add value to our Xplorers NFTs, and we believe that the most effective approach is to grow our community and offer ongoing utility. Holding an Xplorer NFT will become a badge of honor and a symbol of membership in the metaverse ecosystem.

A quick note: our NFTs are non-refundable, and to mint one, please ensure you provide a valid wallet address. The cost for an Xplorer NFT is 0.00888, with additional pricing details available upon request.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome fellow Xplorers! 🚀💎


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